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New Narrative is not a licensed funeral home, nor do we facilitate home funerals or provide any medical services relating to end of life care. Any information found on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of a licensed funeral home or director.  We are fully compliant with the Cremation, Internment, and Funeral Services Act of BC.

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What is a Funeral Planner
...and other questions we think you might have. 

What is a funeral planner?
A Funeral Planner is someone who manages the event details for Celebration of Life events, Funerals, or Memorials.

Think of us as wedding planners for a Celebration of Life. We can offer event suggestions and assistance based on your attendees, overall look and feel, and budget. 


A great planner will be able to meet your family wherever you are in the planning process and understand that you are in the middle of your own grieving process, however that process presents itself. 

What happens when I inquire with New Narrative?

Once you inquire, we'll set a date, time, and place for a complimentary consultation in a location of your choice. After an appointment has been booked, we will send you an informational PDF that includes some of the sample questions we'll cover during our meeting. 

We understand this may be overwhelming for a number of reasons and are ready to pause, stop, or postpone based on how your family is feeling during our first meeting. We are trained to understand exactly which details need to be taken care of and which questions will need to be answered during our first meeting - think, "who, what, where, and when."

We'll use this meeting to discover which elements you'll want to manage, like picking up the guest book, ordering favors, or deciding on the colour palette of the event, and make sure you have full control over this. New Narrative will take care of the rest. 

What is the difference between a funeral planner and a funeral director?

A funeral director is licensed to handle a person's remains after they have died and can make other arrangements for internment or disposition. A funeral planner is someone who can take care of managing the event and ensuring your family is taken care of. We can plan an event with as much or as little lead time as you wish. 


Often, a funeral director will be able to offer you names and phone numbers of florists, decorators, caterers, and venue managers. Our specialty is to go one step further and take care of the inquiries, pricing, logistics, and scheduling to ensure your day is as smooth as possible. 

With a funeral planner, your venue will be booked, the caterer will bring enough food, the invitations and favors will be ready to be given out, and the slideshow will synch perfectly with your speech. 


Does New Narrative need a license to plan funerals?

No. New Narrative is an event planning company and does not require an event planning license. Although we are not Funeral Directors or arrangers, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer our best recommendation. 


What certifications or education should I be looking for when hiring a Funeral Planner?

We suggest you ask your provider the following questions to get to know their skills and qualifications:

  • Have they planned a Memorial or Celebration of Life before?

  • Are they comfortable with working within a condensed timeline?

  • What involvement is expected from you and your family?

  • Do they have any end of life training or certifications?

  • Are they a part of any associations or community groups?