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New Narrative is not a licensed funeral home, nor do we facilitate home funerals or provide any medical services relating to end of life care. Any information found on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of a licensed funeral home or director.  We are fully compliant with the Cremation, Internment, and Funeral Services Act of BC.

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So You've Been Asked

To Plan A Memorial

Attendees worked in small groups to understand the logistics and questions that go into planning for a Celebration of Life. Practical questions and an interactive worksheet led participants to practice asking difficult questions to turn "how can I help," into, "here's how to begin."

Workshop curated

for reimagine End of Life

October 2018

3 Young Vancouverites with

Fresh Perspectives on Death and Grief
With ten years of event management under her belt, she soon realized that she was well-equipped to plan any kind of service — there was still background music to choose, food to arrange, and mementos to conceptualize, similar to any wedding or corporate event.


So, she founded New Narrative, a memorial planning company that she hopes will normalize hiring creative event planners for funerals." 


Written by Alica Forneret for

Vancouver Magainze

Published June 2018





Funeral Planning in the Northeast United States: New Survey Research Findings

"In January 2019, Beyond the Dash conducted a survey of adults living in the Northeast United States. We wanted more insight into the values people hold in regards to death, funeral planning, memorialization and living their dash to the fullest."


Written by Brigette Ganger

for Beyond the Dash

March, 2019B