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New Narrative is not a licensed funeral home, nor do we facilitate home funerals or provide any medical services relating to end of life care. Any information found on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be used in place of a licensed funeral home or director.  We are fully compliant with the Cremation, Internment, and Funeral Services Act of BC.

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We are grateful to have worked with individuals and families on one of the most important events of their lives. Thank you for your kind words.




All names and initials used with permission.


My family was looking for some help to plan a celebration of life for our loved one. We had inquired whether there was an event planner with experience in Celebrations of Life / Memorial services; however, nobody we had spoken to knew of such services. We were referred to New Narrative by the caterer we had hired.


We were hesitant at first to let someone new into our lives during this period but decided to meet [Christina] for the complimentary one hour consult. We were impressed with Christina's professionalism and organization.


We had 10 days to put the event together. During this time, there was always an open line of communication to check-in and bounce ideas off of each other. She was able to connect us with vendors (printers, balloons, florists) and coordinated communications and all logistics.


Christina did a phenomenal job to ensure that tight deadlines were met, which really helped the event planning go incredibly smoothly. The event could not have gone any better, everything from the planning phases, set-up, the event itself, and takedown went very smoothly. We could not have done it in the short time that we had without the help of New Narrative. It was a pleasure working with Christina.


New Narrative helped us create a Celebration of Life that beautifully honoured my husband's life, uniqueness and legacy. Christina was fantastic to work with and struck the perfect balance between suggesting/guiding and accommodating our wishes.


Her experience, organization, positive energy, resilience and calm headedness are all assets! Discovering early in the game that she follows through on promises allowed us to trust and enjoy the process. And on the day of the event, we knew we could relax and focus on connecting with loved ones. The memory cards are such a wonderful idea and will be cherished forever!


Thanks Christina for all the work you put into R’s Celebration of Life.  

Your hard work, organization and contacts in the industry made our day affordable, successful and easy.  It was done just the way [she] would have loved it!


Christina Andreola and New Narrative offered help to me and my family after the loss of my mother. My mom asked specifically that we have a huge party in her memory and not to have, quoting my mother "a f***ing sobfest."


There were no real services for a Celebration of Life [planning company] and most of the businesses I was dealing with were suggesting funeral type arrangements. Christina and New Narrative swooped in, through a friend, and made my life simple. She worked with my family, the caterers, the band, the venue, organized bartending, organized furniture arrangements, and set up and tore down the event. She even organized speeches and contacted dozens people frequently leading up to the event, ensuring everything was 'ticky boo.'


Christina was hands-on for every aspect of the celebration and it went off without a hitch. Over 250 people showed up and everyone was blown away by how amazing the celebration of life was. I can't say enough about my experience with New Narrative and I would suggest them to anyone who wants their loved one's celebration of life to be unforgettable to hire Christina and her team at New Narrative.

Ryan Moase

After our first brief meeting, (brief because I could only handle the emotion of talking through the event in short stints at first), I already felt so much more at ease about my mother's Celebration of Life.

Christina treated the event as an important, personal day, and my mother like a valued angel. She took notes and sent a summary afterward that I am so grateful for because I only retained half of what was discussed through all the emotion. From start to completion, she touched base with me, and always reminded she was just a phone call away if anything was needed. I would highly recommend the services to anyone who doesn't feel a standard funeral home "package" funeral is the right fit for their loved one, or who needs a positive, supportive guide through the tough process.

Melissa C.​

Christina is such a lovely person to work with, and I am so incredibly grateful that I found her to help us celebrate the life of my late father. From the get-go, her enthusiasm and warm spirit made us feel comfortable and heard, and she was an extremely organized, focused, and communicative team member to work with.


It felt like we could relax the moment after our first meeting because she was handling a lot on her end, but always open for feedback and kept us looking forward to sharing the day with others. From the set up to tear down, she was present and aware and extremely helpful. We had so many positive comments on the big day and were even able to leave and go to dinner the same evening knowing Christina was handling the tear-down. Everything went smoothly and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a coordinator for a special event. She's the best! Thank you, Christina! 

Marina B.

Christina is amazing. She took a simple room and transformed it into a warm, welcoming environment with which to relax and pay our respects. Our projected 50 guests shot up to 140+ on game day and Christina didnt miss a beat..she literally thought of everything and took a huge load off our shoulders. The event went off perfectly, shes top notch. Her pamphlet for the sevice was wickedly good, her slideshow was super tasteful and she is a consumate professional. 

Thank you again Chris, you took an otherwise somber day and made it stress-free and enjoyable..well done!!

Dallas J.

Christina swooped in to help my family plan the Celebration of Life for my grandmother with very short notice.She was amazing to work with, friendly, attentive to detail and sensitive to this being a difficult time for our big family.We really appreciated her assistance during this difficult time and would recommend her to anyone.

Jenny S.

Christina was incredibly helpful and beneficial in planning a very unexpected & difficult passing in our family. She was able to come into a very sensitive situation, hear our family's wishes and vision, take the plan we provided her, and run with it and deliver it. She brought great insight and help in terms of space size, organization, layout, caterers, budget, you name it. She handled special requests and special deliveries with ease, and delivered on time & on budget!

Christina made one of the most difficult times & days in my life, and my family's life, easier and I will be forever grateful for that.

The day of our family was able to be [almost] completely hands-off; we were there to grieve, honour, & celebrate our loved one. Christina's help made this possible. Thank you

I would highly recommend Christina for any event planning, period.


I thought that I could handle the planning process and execute everything on my own. Realizing that I needed some help was the hardest part; bringing in New Narrative was easy.

Christina came to our first meeting ready to understand my vision and take on all communications with my vendors. She took over communications with all of them and asked me what level of involvement I wanted to have.

As the date got closer and my stress levels got higher Christina checked in and offered to help with other tasks that we hadn't previously discussed. Her presence brought calm and organization, and she was at all times a diligent professional. 


Working with New Narrative made everything go much smoother; Christina thought of all the small details I forgot about. Even though I was more "hands-on" than maybe other people would be, I could not have achieved all of this without New Narrative.


Christina was my sounding board, advisor and sensitive supporter all rolled into one! Her expertise was invaluable, and I would not hesitate to recommend New Narratives to anyone needing help during such a difficult time. Thank you, Christina!!

Kimberly Carabine

A family member passed and I needed some advice on planning the Celebration of Life. Christina was quick to help and provided me with priceless information and recommendations.


I was happy to have someone like Christina available to me for information and she seemed more than happy to help. New Narrative will always be at the top of my list for situations like these.

Aaron S.